What if you could buy or sell a stock at the price you wanted?

What if you never had to chase to get into a position?

What if you could trade even if you weren’t by a computer or your phone?

The answer is YES, you can! 

(Today I’ll teach you how to place trades and get the price you want, even when you aren’t by the computer or your phone.)

In fact, I’m going to teach you how to stop missing your trade entries and exits.


This Order Type Could Stop You From Missing Trades


Ever see a stock run higher and think to yourself, I was going to buy at that price and I just missed out… and now I could be up money, but instead, I’m just sitting here and not participating in this move.

Well, if you’ve been missing out on trades… you’re not the only one.

You see, many traders miss out on their best setups all the time… typically the reason for that is they were busy doing something else and missed out on their entry price.

Sometimes, traders will miss their setup… get angry and chase the stock higher due to the fact they didn’t want to miss the move higher. Heck, they might buy more shares than they initially wanted to because they think they need to make back what they missed out on from the start.

Thereafter, they get stressed out and panic once the trade starts to go against them a little… and might end up selling shares for a loss just because they missed out on the initial trade and got frustrated.

Well, there is a simple solution… one that could potentially prevent you from missing out on a trade…

… and that’s the buy stop limit order.


Buy Stop / Buy Stop Limit Order


Now, a buy stop order is an order type that can be used to get you into a trade one the stock reaches a certain price. However, with just a normal buy stop… it’s not too specific with the entry.

You see, if you place a buy stop to purchase shares of a stock at a certain price… the order will get triggered if the stock gets to the price… and thereafter, a market order to buy shares is automatically placed.

That said, if you place a buy stop on a fast-moving stop… you entry price could be a lot farther away than you would expect.

This is where the buy stop limit order comes into play.

With the buy stop limit, there are two components: the stop price (or the trigger price) and the limit price (the price at which you want to buy shares).

Well, let’s say you have a trading plan in Cisco Systems (CSCO) – I send out plans like this to all my clients.

Here’s a look at the daily chart in CSCO.

Now, since you know the buy zone is between $57.45 and $58.26… you can set a buy stop limit order with a trigger price at $57.45 and a limit price at say $57.75.

That said, if the stock gets to $57.45… your limit order to buy shares at $57.75 would go live… and you wouldn’t miss the trade.

Remember, when you get into a trade… you also have to have an exit strategy, and knowing conditional order types helps with that.

That said, even if you’re busy and not watching your stocks very closely… that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on trades, and the buy stop limit order helps with that. Now, if you want to learn more about how to time your entries and exits… then click here to watch my latest training video.