Surprise, surprise…

The markets have been extra volatile and range bound this past month. It’s been talked about to death… but that doesn’t change the fact it’s happening… And not likely to change anytime soon.

So it’s important for you to stay alert.

You can’t control the market, but you can control your risk. In times like these, being stubborn with your trades is the last thing you want to do… and you actually need to adjust your trading to the current market environment.

So what are some ways you can adjust?

I am going to share that with you, so you can enjoy the roller coaster ride we are all on and not get thrown around.

More specifically, I’ll be showing you how to adjust risk… and, just as importantly, how you can profit in this turbulent time.

Don’t Fight the Market… Roll With It

If you go to Disney World, there’s a ride there called the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster… It’s a thrilling ride with “rockin” music blaring the whole time… Aerosmith to be exact…

Now, what’s this got to do with trading you ask?

Well you see, I’ve observed two types of people when riding this roller coaster…

One group can’t handle the ups and downs and twists and turns. These are the people ready to vomit by the time the ride ends.

So did they have a good time?

Probably not.

Group number two, on the other hand, they are hootin’ and hollerin’… hands up, having the time of their lives. They can even be seen jumping right back in line.

Now what about them, did they have a good experience?

They sure did.

So what does all of this have to do with trading in a volatile market and controlling risk?

Well, I will tell you… the story illustrates the different outcomes of following the waves in the market and trading what you see, thus riding the flow and taking what it gives you vs. trying to make it do what you want and getting chopped up.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that the people enjoying the ride are letting go of control and allowing the flow of the roller coaster to take them on an enjoyable journey.

Gaining joy from each and every twist and turn. While the ones fighting the moves are getting jerked around and end up worse off in the end.

A big part of managing your risk in this market is simply not fighting it. When it’s volatile like this, there are so many profits in the quick violent moves… just get on the ride and off when it ends. If you fight the back-and-forth swings you will just get churned over and over.

So you have a choice here, you can be one of two people in this roller-coaster market… you can get flipped back and forth and turned inside out… or you can be a part of group number two and stop fighting the market… simply going with the flow, giving you a joyful trading experience

… and profits to boot!

So what’s it going to be?

I will tell you this… I control risk by sticking to my trading strategy because I developed it for this very reason – Transcendent Trading was built to ride the market, not fight it… I use two simple indicators to tell me what the market is doing… and when to get on and when to get off.

It’s that simple and I can teach you as well. I have built a great community of traders… And I am here every step of the way molding each and every one of them into a comfortable, confident trader.

There is nothing better…

The best time is always right now… Join Today

P.S. I have to share a great testimonial with you from Edye, a client in PLATINUM.

“Petra & Heather,

You keep reminding me that I study hard, ask questions, do homework, etc. That is all true. But in any other environment, I don’t believe I would be where I am today with my trading. You two have taught me to read the price action, recognize great set-ups, manage my risk, & take small profits over & over again. You have been there to answer all my questions in detail, making sure that I understand. You have corrected me when I’m wrong & encouraged me every step of the way. You have helped me find a plan that works for me by teaching me to look for set-ups across 3 timeframes. That has been an amazing edge in my strategy. I never dreamed I would have the calm confidence I have today. I am cured of FOMO & 20/20 hind sight. I haven’t said “darn it, I should have _____” in a couple of months now. That’s huge! As the market closes, with the profits I took today, my 10,000 acct is at 12,841.84, two days shy of 1 month. With all my heart, I believe this would never have happened but for the two of you! You are so appreciated & loved”

Now, this warms my heart as Heather and I have watched Edye study, learn and grow as a trader. She has become profitable by choosing to be a part of group number two… and uses my trading strategy to ride the market instead of fighting it.

But Edye has gone a step further and picks her own charts and sets up her own trades based on what she has learned here. I absolutely love seeing my students grow and begin to catch their own fish.

And of course, Heather and I are there for Edye every day to help guide her in this journey.

This is what all of you should strive for. This is what empowers you as a trader. You rely on your own eyes, your own plan, your own conviction and your own management.

… this is what Heather and I work so tirelessly to instill in each of our students… We are here for the long haul and that’s what we want for each of you…

Transcendent Trading is your answer to controlling risk and banking profits in this crazy market… And you aren’t alone when you are a part of my team… Heather and I are here every step of the way…