If you know anything about “the smart money” – they rarely lose… and when they trade options, that means they can leverage their capital and stack their chips fast with a high conviction rate.

Today, I’m going to show you EXACTLY how the smart money trades options and how you can take advantage of their every move… LEGALLY.

“The smart money” is often privy to information that we don’t have… non-public information that tells them where a stock could go…

… while we’re here trying to figure out how to spot winning trades using our patterns.

These Wall Street “insiders” aren’t really supposed to trade based on that information because it’s illegal… but that hasn’t stopped them from consistently pulling in massive winners day in, day out.

How are they able to do that without getting into trouble?

Well, these “insiders” turn to the options market in order to hide those trades.


If you know anything about the options chain… you’ll know that there are thousands of stocks with options… and those options have different strike prices and expiration dates…

… and that means there are so many trades for the SEC to dig through in order to flag these “insider trades”.

For example, just take a look at the options chain for Apple Inc. (AAPL).

Those aren’t even all the options available to trade in AAPL. In fact, that’s just a snapshot of the options expiring today.

Think about how many options contracts the SEC has to sift through… just to find the needle in the haystack… they simply don’t have enough manpower to look through hundreds of thousands of options trades every day.

So how does “the smart money” use options?

Well, oftentimes, once they catch wind of non-public information… they look to the options market to place their bets… BEFORE the news hits the wires.

A lot of the times, they look for closer-dated options, those with a short time to the expiration date with a slightly out-of-the-money (OTM) strike price…

… and a lot of the times, the catalyst comes out shortly after (in just a few day’s time – sometimes the very next day!) and those options explode.

Luckily for us, they’re trading options… and if you don’t know, ALL options trades have to be reported – so we can know EXACTLY what they’re buying WITHOUT knowing the news.


By leveraging the power of a simple options scanner.

Kyle Dennis actually developed a proprietary options scanner that lets you know what “the smart money” is doing and which options they’re trading… allowing you to LEGALLY follow their every move and lock in massive winners.

The scanner specifically looks for Unusual Options Activity.

Basically, what Kyle’s Dollar Ace strategy does is look for obscure options trades – massive bets that are placed on sub-$1 options contracts…

… Dollar Ace looks for where there is a lot of demand for options, which signals that Wall Street “insiders” are placing those bets.

You see, there aren’t really traders out there who are willing to risk hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes seven figures, on options trades… except for “the smart money”…

… and that signals that they must know something.

Dollar Ace provides you with a never-before-seen edge, allowing you to LEGALLY take part in these trades, without knowing the news ahead of time.

If you’re still wondering how Dollar Ace could help you achieve returns as much as 1,242% in a short period…

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