Trading the stock market can be stressful.

For whatever reason, when there is money on the line our body, mind and breathing patterns change.

Stock prices fluctuate all over the place, information flows at a blink of an eye, and let’s not talk about all the stuff we can’t control—the rumors, tweets, and breaking news.

When you are stressed, you are prone to making mistakes… and losing money.

Luckily for you… I have a few surefire ways to kick the stress out of your trading so you can pull in the profits.


Trading Without Stress… or close to it


First off… let’s be honest about stress…

It exists and it’s natural, it’s not going anywhere…

So this is not about denying it, but accepting it and finding ways to offset it…

Follow these 3 surefire ways to stress free trading, and keep stress from eating you and your profits…


Focus on the Controllable

The key to stress free trading is knowing what you can control and focusing on that…

You also have to be willing to admit there are things that you simply can not control… and let those go.

This allows you to avoid the stress of worrying about the uncontrollable, which it just part of the game.

So what can you control? Your trading plan.

If you want to limit stress in trading, the number one thing you can do is to have a trading plan… and stick to it.

A trading plan gives you an amount of control… the amount the market will allow, and that’s all you can ask for…

A detailed plan is important because you want to control everything you can… you should have profit targets, stops, risk/reward, etc.

Losses are inevitable… you can’t say you are never going to lose and actually have control over that… but you can control how much you lose.

Stop-losses are a crucial part of every successful trading plan. Don’t trade without it.


Create Balance

What do I mean by balance?

Listen, markets don’t stop… the news, the buzzing, the worry… it always surrounds you.

So you need to create some boundaries to ensure that trading does not come to completely dominate your life. Burnout is real.

First off, it’s important to take breaks. Staring at a computer all day watching every tick and finding the next trade or worrying over what you are in will only cause anxiety.

Just a few minutes away from the screen at regular intervals throughout the day can do wonders, and you can even plan ahead and set alarms.

Second, you need to relax both your body and mind every day.

Two great ways to accomplish this are through meditation and exercise…

Meditation provides you inner clarity that lets you take the emotion out of trading.

And it helps to establish a state of mind for becoming a profitable trader.

Exercise gives us a physical meditation per se and it is an incredibly powerful stress buster.

Exercise will help you relieve stress through the release of endorphins and will also help to clear your mind with an escape from the mental intensity…

In the end… you need balance… time where you completely disconnect from everything and relax and rebalance your mind and body…

Books, exercise, meditation, hobbies, breaks etc…  wherever you can find it.


Learn from a Mentor

This is crucial to your trading success…

You can do it alone… Maybe?!?!… Probably Not…

But you can definitely do it with the right mentor… someone who is already successful and has made all the mistakes and grown.

Trading as a hobby is one thing… hobbies don’t make money, they cost money…

So if you want to trade for a living, then you need to become a professional trader. And the top professionals in anything have mentors.

The best quarterbacks in the NFL don’t get there with the skills they learn on their own, and it’s definitely not luck…

Even the top CEOs in the world have mentors, not just to get them to where they are, but to keep them there… it’s a game changer.

So why as a professional trader would you not have a mentor?

And let me tell you this… all of the top traders do… money managers, hedge fund guys, private equity etc.

If you want to be at the top, you need someone at the top to guide you. Period.


Putting it All Together

I don’t just offer alerts, a system, and training materials… I teach and mentor my students every single day

The goal is to teach you to find and make your own trades, become a self sufficient trader, and to guide you through that journey.

Mentorship never ends. The top athletes don’t get to that level and then decide they don’t need help anymore…

My mentorship is the same… I love seeing students take the reigns, and the best ones are always around, not just to talk to me but to help others in my live chat room as well.

Take the stress out of trading… control what you can and let the rest go… balance your life mind and body… and seek the advice of a mentor…

All of this will help you trade stress free and become as successful as possible.


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