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The 10 Tips Your Trading Is Missing


Things I Wished I Knew


Make Sure You Go Long On Your Charts


Develop Your Edge 2


Traders Tip: Expansion and Contraction


Signals Need To Confirm


Putting Odds in Your Favour


Any Stock Can Go To Zero


Sector ETF’s


Air Between Price and Moving Averages


Price Behaviour at Moving Averages

Meet Petra Hess

Blacksmith, Ostrich Transporter, QVC Advertiser… You name it, she’s done it.

Petra has a truly remarkable story. She is a lifelong entrepreneur, always finding new ways to “pick up the money in the streets,” per her uncle’s advice. She was a millionaire by the age of 25, and chose to invest her money with a financial advisor. After the stock market crash in 2008, she checked her portfolio, and over half of her life’s savings was gone. Her financial advisor hadn’t even bothered to call. And get this, on top of that, she had to PAY HIM to lose her money. Enraged and determined, Petra set out to protect the money she had left and slowly build back her fortune.

11 years later, she’s made over $2.4 million dollars trading the stock market. The cornerstones of her trading strategies are education, simplicity and risk-management. She’s been through the ringer, and her Top 10 Tips can help any trader become more successful.

Listen To What Her Members Are Saying

Petra very insightful as always, your members are truly blessed as we not only gain from your market knowledge but from your truly caring manner and willingness to help each and every member. I am sure I can speak for all members: thank you for all you do for us.

Stephen Cohen

Thank you, Petra, this was brilliant!!! Love the historical perspective and relating it to what you see now. No one else is teaching this detail and I appreciate you for teaching it. Just wanted to say how much I am taking in from the daily videos and repeatedly watching what you are looking for in the charts and trying to remember all the details when I am looking at my own charts. I find myself finding my own groove, so to speak, based on your teachings. Very grateful for signing up for your service. Thank you again!

Brenda Seastedt

Petra I am very grateful for your service and I know in advance that I will continue learning with your excellent explanations. Thanks so much.

Don Guy

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